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Francisco Maranchello
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Are you looking for a way to organize your projects, tasks, finances, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), content, travel, and overall life?

Whether you're like me and have tried thousands of apps for this, or you're just getting started organizing your life in a better way, this Notion template will provide you with everything you need.

I've spent lots of money on different subscription apps to manage various aspects of my life and realize I could build everything myself in Notion. It took me a while, though.

Getting this once ensures you'll no longer need to pay for different app subscriptions to manage your personal finances, projects, content, goals, traveling, or anything else.

I'm an architect (of buildings), former Project Manager, Notion power-user, and coder who spent several hours building, testing, and improving this framework.

You can get it instantly, for free.


All sections of the Template have explanations for you to learn how to use everything quickly:

  1. Online Portfolio

    • Showcase your links and description
    • Public Project Gallery
  2. Planning

    • Projects with dependencies tied to Key Results
    • Tasks tied to Projects and different Roles
    • Objectives tied to Key Results
    • Key Results tied to Objectives and Projects
  3. Project Documentation

    • The Projects database includes a Project Documentation template that contains several sections
    • It automatically creates a Task calendar inside the project, linked to the Tasks database and filtered by the new project that was created only to display tasks associated with it
  4. Finance Management

    • Accounts in different currencies with custom exchange rates (credit, checking, savings, etc.)
    • Transactions with categories
    • Automatic account states and balances based on your Transactions
  5. Social Media Management

    • Content planning and tracking
    • File management
    • Different channels
    • Tied to projects
  6. Knowledge Resource Management

    • Manage the Books you're reading
    • Manage the Courses you're taking
    • Track Movies and Series
    • Save Links, Tweets, and Notes in an organized way
  7. Travel Planning

    • Manage Cities and Countries visited
    • Plan for Travel Destinations
    • Track Lodging and Transport
    • See expenses for different Destinations calculated based on Transactions (see Finance Management), Lodging, and Transport costs
    • Plan Budgets
  8. Structured to Scale

    • Data is stored in a central section with good DB practices in mind
    • All the Databases in the template live in a Database section and are accessed through views linked from the other sections (see screenshots above)


What is Notion?

Notion is a flexible productivity app where you can build your workspace. Head to for more info.

Do I need a Notion account to use this?

Yes, you do. You can create one for free and stick to the free tier, or decide to go into paid plans if you see fit.

Do I need to be a Notion expert to use this?

No! That's the whole point. The heavy lifting is already done and ready to use, with explanations in each section. The structure is all assembled for you to fill it and use it with your data.

Can I customize it?

Yes! Customization has no limits in Notion. As you get more experience in the app, you can modify anything in the template to fit your needs.

How do I get the template?

After getting it, you'll get a link to duplicate it to your workspace and instantly start using it. Go to the "LifeManager" page (the template Home page) and click on Duplicate in the top-right corner.

I want this!

You'll get a link to copy the LifeManager template to your workspace. Doing this once ensures you have a copy of your own to use and customize, forever.


Notion LifeManager

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I want this!